A Journey in Hebrews: A Theological Novel

Grace & Truth Books

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Once again, Ira Pointer finds himself embroiled in a controversy! He comes into contact with a young man of a Jewish background, but who has only recent come to faith in Jesus Christ. Ira offers to study through the letter to the Hebrews with him, to learn more about the true Messiah, our Lord Jesus. But this teaching results in great tensions between the young man and his family, especially his parents! Due to these pressures, although the young man wants to continue studying with Ira, he is feeling torn, leaving previous Old Testament ideas and practices behind. Even his godly wife begins to wonder if he is reading and using the Old Testament correctly, or if Ira is leading him to misinterpret the Scriptures. Still, bit by bit they study onward and he learns more with clarity about the supremacy of the Son of God as our Great High Priest. But will he turn back to Judaism or press on in the faith?