Journey in Matthew 24

Richard Belcher

Grace & Truth Books

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Ira Pointer, the main character of the Journey books, along with his friend Dink, a fellow professor, is asked by a wealthy woman of a mountainous region of the southeast, to come and teach her nephew, a young preacher who has never had any schooling. This young man, who is known as 'Billy Hill, the Hillbilly Preacher', is very gifted in his preaching, and he preaches in many of the mountain churches, though he is still quite young. There's only one problem - his two uncles have been controlling him, since he began preaching as a twelve year old boy, and they are keeping most of his funds, and they will not let him get any schooling. He wants to be free from them and he also wants someone to teach him theology and further principles of Bible study. Ira Pointer and Dink take on the invitation of his aunt to teach him, but that brings all kinds of disturbance between them and the mountain people - the uncles and especially a man named 'Mountain Man', who challenges Dink to a boxing match, even though he outweighs Dink by more than a hundred pounds! The theology discussed, as Ira and Dink meet with Billy, is Matthew 24 - and the various views of that chapter of the Bible. Does it refer to the Second Coming of Christ or to the fall of Jerusalem - or to both?

  • Paperback
  • 183 pages
  • 2012
  • 9781930133341