Journey in Practical Chrisianity: A Theological Novel

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One of the most neglected aspects of what it is to be a Christian today is the reality of the trials that we face as believers. This is not to say that the Christian life is noting but trials. But it is to recognize that trials and heartaches and sorrows can be part of the life of a true believer. Could it be that we sometimes camp on the positive passages of Scripture only? to the neglect of the passages which teach us the reality of bearing up under trials? Yes, some professing Christians fall into the mentality of a false believer, who tell men to come to Jesus for the gift of instant wealth, continuous health, peace and prosperity always. Does this not promote ideas about the Christian life which are patently false? The epistle of James is a highly practical portion of Scripture, and it begins with an emphasis on the truth that trials are a reality in the life of a believer. In the rest of his letter, James is just as practical in numerous other areas of Christian living. And so the plot of this new Journey book, from Richard Belcher, is quite practical as well as Dirk and Ira are faced with the dilemma of, who murdered a young lady some years ago, and why is it that the guilty parties have never been found? But then, another tragedy comes into the picture, as her son was one of the young men who died in the bus crash several years ago, in the book A Journey to Eternity and her husband, Vincent Allen, the only remaining living member of the family, is an unbeliever, and he is angry at the church and angry with God even angry at Ira Pointer and Dink, since that event has left him alone in this world, without a family. Thus, with love and grace, Ira and Dink seek to minister to Vincent and at the same time, renew the search for the person who murdered his wife years ago! So the question arises: will Vincent ever come to know the Lord? Or will he leave this world and go into eternity angry at God? During this entire time, Ira is teaching his church through the epistle of James.