Journey in Predestination: A Theological Novel

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Our story begins when Dr. Ira Pointer is invited to speak at a church on Wednesday evening on the subject of predestination! When he arrives, he finds out he is not allowed to speak, except for five minutes, because the pastor took an hour for his message, which was against predestination. Many of the people are upset, because as Ira spoke for his five minutes, they were blown away by what he said, and they wanted to hear more. So they invite him to give a series of messages on the subject of predestination on Wednesday evenings. As the messages unfold, many people like them, but the ones who give Ira the most trouble are the visitors, who reject the doctrine of predestination. These outsiders become trouble-makers, who want to take over the services. Nonetheless, Ira is faithful to his task, no matter what takes place, whereby some seek to stop the meetings, and some come to the meetings just to disrupt them. But slowly even some of these trouble-makers come to agree with the subject of predestination, when they come to understand it. Regardless, through it all, Ira seeks to be faithful and kind and gracious, even though he is mistreated mostly by some of the outsiders, who want to come in and argue with him, when he is trying to set forth the truth.