A Journey in Revival

Richbarry Press

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The story of Professor Ira Pointer continues, as one of his students at the seminary challenges him to attend a new kind of revival full of great excitement and emotion. A study group at the seminary to probe the theological basis of the new movement is begun. An old friend, who previously has been a problem for Ira, reappears as the leading evangelist of the new emotional explosion. As controversy stirs on the seminary campus and beyond, Ira begins to feel pressure to resign from the faculty, as some object to his insistence on a theological analysis of the movement and its practices. It is only the power and providence of God that comes to Professor Ira's rescue to avert serious vocational and bodily tragedy, as he waits trusting God to move and glorify His name in the whole set of impossible circumstances. Dink stands with him through the whole journey, and when it is over, a threat for the future still remains, but God has clearly given the victory in the struggle for the truth.