Journey in Roman Catholicism

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What does a professor at a Baptist seminary do when he is falsely accused of being a closet Roman Catholic, and that he is soon going to confess publicly that position? What does he do when all the evidence points to the conviction that he has written a book which argues in favor of a Roman Catholic theology and a coming conversion? What does he do when the case against him is so strong that it would even convince him, if he did not know the truth? What does he do when the seminary where he teaches is ready to relieve him of his position as a professor without giving him an opportunity to prove his innocence? And on top of it all, what does he do, when he can only conclude that Dink, his most able leader in the solving of previous crimes, has either been kidnaped or is dead? That is the dilemma of Professor Ira Pointer in the present story, as he faces the question of who has framed him, why has someone framed him, and how can he ever prove his innocence? In the process of the search for the truth Professor Pointer compares the two views, Roman Catholicism and Reformation theology, in preparation for publishing his own book to set forth clearly his own convictions on the subject.