Journey in Sanctification: A Theological Novel

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Ira Pointer, the main character of Belcher's much-loved Journey series, comes into contact with students at seminary who are wrestling with the question of perfection in this life. So Ira begins teaching a study on the subject. Soon, he finds himself with a larger and larger group of hearers in multiple study groups and he faces opposition as his influence grows. So Ira sets forth from the Bible what it teaches on this subject by showing that, while we cannot achieve perfection in this life, we can increasingly live godly lives for the glory of God, by His power. In the process, Ira presents and critiques the ideas of some whole believed the perfect sanctification was achievable, such as Charles Finney, John Wesley, and J. Sidlow Baxter. He also presents the contrasting teaching of sounder thinkers such as Spurgeon, Calvin, Luther, Gill and Rule, and with a special focus on expounding Romans 6- 8.