Journey in Temptation: A Theological Novel

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Further adventures with Dr. Ira Pointer, as he teaches his students the reality and importance of warfare with sin! He finds some of his students taking the subject lightly, laughing about temptation, taking it - and the devil himself! - as if this posed no problem to them. Hearing them over lunch one day joking about the subject, with remarks such as, 'I generally avoid temptation - unless I can't resist it!', or 'I can resist anything except temptation!', he challenges a group of students to meet with him at noon hour to study the subject together. The group is initially small, but soon it grows and man come to understand the major ways in which temptation encounters us, including who Satan is and how believers can live a life of victory over his devices. He also shows what power is ours with the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus.