Journey to Eternity

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Ira Pointer, the main character of these journey books, along with his friend Dink, a fellow professor at the local seminary, face one of their most difficult challenges, when their church bus is side-swiped by a truck, as it is coming through the mountains. The bus careens off the road and down the mountainside, and 27 people are killed including some youth. The truck which caused the accident does not stop but speeds off, leaving the scene! Ira and Dink then must undertake the near- impossible task of trying to find the truck and driver, to hold him accountable for his part in this tragic wreck. In God s providence, they find the truck they think was involved in the wreck,but no one in the town where this driver lives will give them any help not even the police! In fact, Ira and Dink are mistreated and put in jail themselves, just for seeking to resolve this! As they endure this trial, they study the topics of death, false teachings about death, the resurrection of believers and unbelievers, and the second coming of Christ also covering matters of the soul and body after death, the final judgment, heaven, hell, and how we may keep eternity in mind during our days in this life.