Journey with Christ in the Old Testament: A Theological Novel

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Almost everyone, whether they know it or not, has come across false teachers who misuse the Word of God. And that is what takes place as Ira Pointer, the main character of all Richard Belcher's Journey Series books, seeks to teach a Bible study about Jesus Christ as foreseen in the Old Testament. It's not the students who so much resist the truth, but others who come to the studies, who want to lead discussion into matters which do not honor Christ. Even the president of the seminary comes to try to put a stop to Ira's study, saying that he is a divisive man. Eventually Ira is even fired from his teaching position! But surprising events follow, and this decision is soon reversed, as Ira stands his ground on the truth and eventually those who have a hunger to learn the truth about Christ prevail and get to have their study!