Just Thinking About the State

Darrell HarrisonVirgil Walker

Founders Press

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“The ministry which God has entrusted to me is known for engaging false doctrine and false teachers, but I have never witnessed anything so destructive that has been accepted so quickly and so uncritically by so many evangelicals as the Social Justice Movement. It has swept into the church like wildfire and has, to varying degrees, been promoted by voices that have long been trusted as theologically conservative stalwarts of truth. Many Christians are confused as to how to even understand these issues, much less how to biblically engage them – understandably so. Many are afraid of being called a racist if they do not acquiesce to the prevailing cultural winds. This is why I am so profoundly grateful for Just Thinking: About the State. In this book, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker engage hot-button issues with intellectual rigor and theological precision. They pull no punches and make no apologies in diagnosing the root problems our society faces and in calling Christians to boldly stand on God’s unchanging Word. I am honored to count both Darrell and Virgil as personal friends and could not be more enthusiastic in commending this tremendously helpful resource to you.”


Justin Peters Ministries


189 pages