Keep in Step with the Spirit

J I Packer


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J. I. Packer’s Classic Work on the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is far from a one-dimensional figure. It is active in many ways throughout the Bible—molding creation, directing history, revealing God’s truth and will, and teaching God’s people. But the foremost—and often neglected—role of the Spirit is to make Christ known to God’s people. 

Keep in Step with the Spirit is a helpful guide to the Holy Spirit that is both conversational in tone and comprehensive in scope, revealing who the Spirit is and how it is active in the lives of believers. In this book, J. I. Packer focuses on how the Spirit is presented in the Old and New Testaments before offering a comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the charismatic movement. Packer presents readers with an alternative position to the Charismatic movement that highlights the direct activity of the Holy Spirit yet tests all things by God’s word.

  • Hardcover with Jacket
  • 368 pages
  • 9781433572807
  • July 2021