KJV Kids Outreach Bible

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The KJV Kids Outreach Bible introduces young readers to the time-honored KJV text in readable black letter type. The full biblical text is accompanied by a number of helpful resources that will allow those who are unfamiliar with the Bible, as well as new believers, to understand the Gospel.


The article "How to Become a Christian," written by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, lays out in simple language the basic ideas of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and what that means for each of us. Easy-to-understand sections with paralleled Bible verses--such as "We are sinful," "Sin has a penalty," and "Christ has paid our penalty!"--guide the reader down the path to a personal relationship with God and encourage them to invest in a Christian community.

Other articles include:

  • "Harmony of the Gospels"
  • "Key Bible Promises"
  • A guide to Parables in the Old and New Testaments
  • A guide to Old Testament Prophesies of the Passion