Know Your God

Linleigh J. Roberts

Evangelical Press

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Nothing better explains the world in which we live than the fact that modern society is almost totally bereft of the knowledge of God. To make matters worse, the church itself is losing touch with the revelation of God in Holy Scripture. The church does not know her God and many characteristics of modern evangelical life are directly attributable to that ignorance. Nothing is so calculated to enfeeble the church as a diminished or faulty conception of God himself.

In this fine study Linleigh Roberts sets out to reintroduce the church to her God by exploring the revelation of God given in the first five books of the Bible. There is a good reason to begin with the Pentateuch in thinking about God. Here, at the headwaters of biblical revelation, we are taught to think of everything in relation to God: life and death, good and evil, salvation and judgement. What is more, the presentation of God in these first books of the Bible concentrates on precisely those attributes of his being and character that are fundamental to the true understanding of everything else that is taught in Holy Scripture.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • © 2005
  • ISBN 9780852345825