Leaving Darkland: How God's Instruction Manual Gives Effective Prescriptions for Life's Most Difficult Problems

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"Ed's life was shattered by the death of his daughter and all that flowed from that event. In this book, he describes some of the pain he experienced. Sometimes 'dark nights of the soul' can be devastating to one's faith and trust in God. Sometimes they can leave the sufferer seemingly forever suspended on the gallows of 'Why?' and 'Why me?' Ed certainly writes as one 'acquainted with grief,' the kind of grief from which we all want to hide our faces. But he also writes as one who lives by the promises of God. This is a book written 'out of the depths' (Ps. 130:1). This is a great book because it is an honest book, one that deals with the deepest agonies of human life in the light of God's providential love and overcoming grace. And this is a work of genuine pastoral theology. No shepherd of God's flock should be without it. Tolle lege! 'Take and read!'" - Dr. Timothy George