Let the Little Children Come: Family Worship on Sundays (And the Other Six Days Too)

A.J. Genco

Free Grace Press

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In Let the Little Children Come, Scott Aniol strives to convince church leaders and parents that children best grow into faithful, mature worshipers of Jesus Christ when they are led to Jesus by their parents in the context of intergenerational church gatherings and in daily worship at home. In Part 1, Scott presents biblical and theological reasons families should worship together both on Sundays and the other six days too, addressing common objections and suggesting some practical ways family worship might be recovered. In Part 2, Scott then offers practical tips and myriads of resources for engaging children in church worship as well as family worship at home.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Two Examples

Part One: A Little Bit of Doctrine, History, and Philosophy

Our Goal: The Discipline and Instruction of the Lord
From Integration to Segregation
Practice Makes Perfect
Do This in Remembrance of Me

Part Two: Tips for Parents, Pastors, and Parishioners

Tips for Worship in the Assembly
Tips for the Other Six Days

Part Three: Tools and Resources

Resource Recommendations
Tools from Tune My Heart
Religious Affections Catechism
Liturgies for Church and Home
Family Worship

Let the Little Children Come approaches a sizable modern problem in the church with biblical wisdom. Children must not only be pointed to the Son for salvation. They must also be pointed to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the proper objects of their worship. This cannot occur when children are always separated from the worship of the gathered church. Scott Aniol’s timely book helps parents teach their children in a practical way to worship, both on the Lord’s Day and the other six days of the week.
Sam Waldron,
Scott Aniol should be commended for helping parents to teach their children to worship, both in public worship with the church and in family worship at home. Drawing from Reformed and Baptist traditions, he not only instructs but warmly encourages parents, by the Spirit’s grace, to point and bring their children to Jesus. This is an excellent resource for small groups and classes as well as for personal study by pastors and parents.
Joel R. Beeke

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • June 4, 2021
  •   9781952599309