Letters to Young Men

W.B. Spraugue


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21 Letters arranged into Three Sections based upon the Life of Joseph. 1. Part One - Dangers to Young Men 2. Part Two - Character to which Young Men should aspire 3. Part Three - Rewards that Crown a Virtuous Course Reprint - Orginally published in 1845

Sprague's, Letters To Young Men, excels in the sound and relevant application of truth from the Old Testament narrative of Joseph's life to the lives of young men centuries later.


Table of Contents:

Outline of the History of Joseph

Part 1: Sources of Danger to Young Men

1. Danger from Excessive Parental Indulgence

2. Danger from Injurious Treatment

3. Danger from Living Away from Home

4. Danger from Living in a Corrupt State of Society

5. Danger from Being Suddenly Cast into Adversity

6. Danger from Being Entrusted with the Interests of Others

7. Danger from Coming into Possession of Great Wealth

Part 2: Character to Which Young Men Should Aspire

8. Integrity

9. Diligence

10. Economy

11. Dignity

12. Sympathy

13. Forgiveness of Injuries

14. Filial Regard

15. Dependence on God

Part 3: Rewards that Crown a Virtuous Course

16. Virtue Crowned with Safety

17. Virtue Crowned with Peace

18. Virtue Crowed with Riches

19. Virtue Crowned with Honor

20. Virtue Crowned with Usefulness

21. Virtue Crowned with Heaven