Life in the Wild: Fighting For Faith in a Fallen World

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Living in our broken world can be hard. Instead of the perfection of Eden, our world is wild and full of struggle. But because of Christ, life can also be joyful and full of hope! Walking through Genesis 3, Dan DeWitt shows us how we can look at this world realistically but without despairing, as we wait for God to keep his promise to bring us out of the wild and into his new creation. It's the contrast between Eden, where everything reflects God s perfection, and exile, where everything is spoiled by sin. The book helps us survive living in exile - Life in the Wild - until "the glorious day when God will welcome us home, out of the wild." This book holds dark and light in balance. It shows how we are living with the effects of the fall (we are messed- up people living in a messed-up place) - but God's promise, made in Eden, serves as a beacon of light to guide our steps in this fallen world.