Life & Times of Arthur Hildersham: Prince Among Puritans

Reformation Heritage

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'Arthur Hildersham is, to a large extent, a forgotten Puritan. Since Samuel Clarke compiled a thirteen-page account of his life in the seventeenth century, there has been no biography of Hildersham. But during his lifetime, Hildersham was one of the most revered and prominent Puritan figures. His story, combined with a study of his printed works, is rewarding in a number of ways. Hildersham is a guide who can help us better understand the rapidly changing and often confusing religious scene of the later Elizabethan and early Stuart period. He faced challenges and big questions that are still relevant. Although we may not agree with all of Hildersham's conclusions, his way of thinking through issues according to biblical principles is instructive. There is often a temptation to spiritualize heroes of the past by concentrating solely on their preaching. The exclusion of their ordinary lives, mundane domestic routines, and business affairs can sometimes leave us feeling inadequate and guilty by comparison. This study of Hildersham will attempt to redress that imbalance by painting a well-rounded portrait of a man who lived for his Master not only in the pulpit but also in daily life, in 'secular' activities, in friendships, and in trials.' from the preface by Lesley A. Rowe