Light for your Path Series Leader's Guide

Carol Ruvolo


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In this leader’s guide, Carol Ruvolo shows how to get the most out of the Light for Your Path series. A mini-seminar for group leaders, this guide:

  • clarifies the leader’s role
  • explains the types of books in the series
  • cautions leaders regarding common pitfalls in Bible studies
  • explains how to use the exercises
  • tells how to get started
  • provides tips for preparation, use of class time, getting women involved, and more
  • suggests helpful resources

Flexible enough to be used a lot or a little, this leader’s guide is a ready companion for study group leaders

Chapter 1: From Our Hearts to Yours
Chapter 2: Wanted: A Few Gifted Leaders
Chapter 3: A Little Light on the Series
Chapter 4: I Am Their Leader—Which Way Did They Go?
Chapter 5: A Little Help from Some Friends

Light for Your Path is a refreshing, illuminating Bible study series for those eager to know God better and love him more. The series features:

  • careful handling of Scripture
  • emphasis on application
  • a blend of topical and biblical studies
  • solid Reformed teaching
  • exercises for both young believers and those ready to dig deeper