Light of the Psalms

Michael Ross

Christian Focus Publications

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The Light of the Psalms' is a unique devotional resource thematically grouping inspiration from all 150 Psalms, focusing them on the three divine persons of the Trinity. Each week follows a theme of prayer and uses a set of psalms that apply to that theme. Each day you will read a psalm, a short devotion and then pray for the ministry in focus that week. God Our Refuge: 50 Psalms Celebrating God the FatherJehovah, focuses on the first person of the Trinity. The Psalms include the Songs of Zion, the Restoration and Revival, Enthronement, Wisdom and Royal Psalms. These call us to repentance, surrender and rest in God, our Father in Heaven.God Our Redeemer: 50 Psalms Celebrating God the SonJesus Christ focuses on the second person of the Trinity. They are used to pray through the truths surrounding Christ's redemptive work and headship over the Church. These Psalms include the prayers for the sick, the Golden Chain of Trust (Pss. 3-10), prayers of lament and five Psalms of thanksgiving. God Our Rejoicing: 50 Psalms Celebrating God the Holy SpiritThe Paraclete focuses on the third person of the Trinity. These Psalms call us to worship, work and witness in the power of the Spirit. Divided into seven collections they include the Psalms for pilgrims (the Songs of Ascents), for times of trouble, pure praise (Psalms. 145-150) and Psalms of revelation. The Psalms are a rich spiritual resource that will inspire you to delve deeper in your quiet time.