Little Faith

O. F. Walton

Christian Focus Publications

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Little Faith is the story of a young orphan girl brought up by a Christian couple. When Faith's adoptive mother dies her father's mother moves in to look after the family. But Granny resents Faith as she sees her as an outsider and an intruder in the family. Granny is violent, drunk and lazy and strikes out at Faith's father by telling him he should get rid of Faith, 'She has no right to the families share of the money.' Faith, takes this very hard and runs away to find a job as a servant girl. At first she has no success in job hunting but one day she goes into a church where there is a service going on. The minister reads out the verse, 'O ye of little faith, wherefore do you doubt.' Faith hears the words, 'Little faith wherefore do you doubt.' Faith had been feeling that God didn't care about her but now she believes that these words were a direct message from God to her. She now knows that God does care about her. A lady in the church eventually gives Faith a job as a servant in her household. Some time later Faith decides to return to her family but she finds that the grandmother has died and the family has moved. Faith sets out to try and find them. One day she sees her father in the distance and runs to catch up with him. A family reunion takes place and Little Faith is finally home where she was meant to be.