Lord's Prayer: Equipping Disciples to Serve

Paul Blackham

Day One Publications

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Learning from Jesus how to talk to His Father Rev. Blackham and SASRA bring you a study of the basic pattern of the Lord's Prayer, helping you to learn from Jesus, the Eternal Son, how to speak to His Father, who is enthroned in the highest heaven. For messed-up people like us to speak to the most holy Father in the highest level of reality is utterly impossible but because of Jesus, it is possible. And knowing how to talk to our heavenly Father as Jesus did is the key to knowing life and peace, even in the most terrible circumstances. Each line of the prayer is illustrated through stories told by current Scripture Readers and Area Representatives of encounters with men and women of the Armed Forces as they have seen the outworking of this prayer in SASRA s ministry. May this book encourage you to speak to the Father of our Lord Jesus, and to remember our soldiers, airmen and airwomen in prayer.
  • 9781846255595