Madison Avenue Lectures

Henry Weston

Solid Ground Christian Books

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Originally published in 1867, by the American Baptist Publication Society. The Introductory Note read as follows: "The Lectures composing the Series embraced in this volume, were delivered in the Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York, by special request of the pastor, Henry G. Weston, D.D. The marked excellence of the Lectures, as expositions of the truths which are embodied and exhibited in the precious ordinances of the gospel, and of the views which are held by the members of the 'Baptized Churches,' as they were originally called; their broad and thorough survey of the topics brought under discussion; and the genial spirit of true Christian courtesy which breathes through them, give promise of a wide usefulness. Hence they are committed to the press, in the earnest hope that the Lord will use them as a means of advancing his own truth and of promoting that object so dear to the Lord, and to all who walk in fellowship with him; the full, and joyous union of his people in that truth."