Majesty of God in the Old Testament

Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Baker Books

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God's unsurpassed majesty and greatness is an aspect of biblical truth that is often lacking in contemporary preaching and teaching, and thus often lacking in the consciousness of modern Christians. In The Majesty of God in the Old Testament, respected scholar Walter Kaiser confronts this lamentable deficiency with verve. He suggests that a key way to recapture this important doctrine in the ministry of the church is through the preaching of the Old Testament--itself an oft- neglected or mishandled discipline. Kaiser shows how today's preacher might address these deficiencies by walking through an exposition of ten great Old Testament passages that are rife with evidence of God's majesty. He also demonstrates how various types of preparatory studies--word, historical/archaeological, thematic, Bible background, and theological--can be used to help pastors make the Old Testament more relevant to their congregations. In addition, he addresses potential problems peculiar to the preaching of the Old Testament. The reader, whether seminary student, preacher, or teacher, will not only be challenged to incorporate such proclamation into his or her ministry but will also be personally uplifted through these studies that magnify God's greatness.