Message Unstoppable - Acts: The King of Clubs


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Do you want your children to realise that the Bible is God's relevant, exciting and dynamic guide? TnT are the brains behind the successful 'On the Way' Sunday School materials - now they bring you Message Unstoppable, a brilliant children's club! Everything you need is here - just bring your Bible, commitment and creativity. Message Unstoppable has superb games, thoughtful activities and a thorough explanation of the gospel message. This is material that brings children to focus on fun, faith and God's forgiveness. In this amazing race around the world, which begins in Jerusalem, you will see how a group of timid disciples are transformed into bold preachers of the gospel. Nothing can stop this wonderful message from moving to the ends of the earth as people from many different nationalities come to understand the amazing truth about King Jesus! The Bible teaching is backed up by Visual aids, Fun sheets and Games. Message Unstoppable does not shy away from teaching about the objective historical fact of Jesus' death and resurrection. It also faithfully teaches about sin, judgement and God's plan of salvation for all who will call out to Jesus and put their trust in him.