Milk & Honey: A Devotional

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In the Bible, 'milk and honey' speaks of God's bountiful provision and symbolizes our basic need for solid spiritual food and sweet communion with the triune God through Christ. With that in mind, this devotional book dwells on God's sustaining grace revealed throughout Scripture. Unlike some daily devotional books that are an assortment of meditations with no thematic structure, Milk and Honey provides brief devotional thoughts that cover the major contours of Scripture in the course of a year. Bible books are divided among twelve pastors so that each month covers a particular portion of Scripture. The result is a devotional survey of the Bible by able expositors of God's Word. Contributors: Joel R. Beeke, Gerald M. Bilkes, Dirk J. Budding, David Campbell, Hugh M. Cartwright, Bartel Elshout, David H. Kranendonk, Jerrold H. Lewis, Roy Mohon, David P. Murray, Maurice J. Roberts, David Silversides