Minister & His Greek New Testament

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"This slim volume is a classic, and like all classics it will be read to great profit. It may be small in size, but it is big in concept. Here Professor Robertson reminds his reader of what is paramount in pastoral ministry. Many modern pastors are most comfortable in the family room or the board room. They have been taught to see themselves as managers of people or administrators of programs. After all, they were told, the congregation does the real work of the ministry while pastors merely act as encouragers and facilitators. A close reading of the New Testament (in Greek!), however, reveals an altogether different model. The ministry is performed by ministers of the word. They are not generalists but specialists; they are preachers and teachers of the word of God. Their world is made up of words, the words of the Bible, in this case the words of the New Testament. The minister of the word, then, must be most comfortable not in the family room or the board room, but in the study. He must learn to know and to proclaim the New Testament as that word was originally given by God. 'The real New Testament is the Greek New Testament,' says Robertson, and rightly so. He goes on to say, 'Sermons lie hidden in Greek roots, in prepositions, in tenses, in the article, in particles, in cases.' Here is a volume that ought to be read by every ministerial aspirant, reread by every ministerial student, and frequently revisited by every faithful minister of the word. Ministers of the word must always keep in mind their calling, their work, to know and to proclaim the word. If you are a minister and have not read it, buy a copy immediately and do so. If you are a layman, buy it and read it for yourself, then give it to your pastor. Tell him you want him to be faithful to the word, the word as it was originally given, in the Greek New Testament." - Pastor Don Lindblad