Missionary Call: Find your place in God's plan for the world

M. David Sills

Moody Publishers

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Christians of all ages recognise the heartbeat of God to take the Gospel to the nations and wrestle with the implications of the Great Commission in their own lives. The Missionary Call explores the biblical, historical and practical aspects of discerning and fulfilling God's call to serve as a missionary. Pointing the reader to scripture, lessons from missionary heroes and his own practical and academic experience, Dr. Sills guides the reader to discern the personal applications of the missionary call. The Missionary Call is ideal for individuals struggling to answer key questions surrounding a possible call to missionary service. Dr. Sills addresses the misconceptions about the biblical foundation for the missionary call while also addressing key practical questions on the minds of those discerning a call to missions. Organised in a way that guides the reader from exploring foundational issues to making practical application, The Missionary Call answers pertinent questions such as: - Do all Christians have the missionary call? - What is the biblical basis for the missionary call? - How has the missionary call been understood throughout the history of the church? - How can you discern whether you have the missionary call? - Is the missionary call a lifelong call? - Does the expression of the missionary call change over time? - What should you do if your spouse does not share your sense of call to missions? - If you do have the missionary call, how do you know where to serve? - How can you overcome common hindrances to obeying the missionary call?