Morning Devotional: 365 Day by DL Moody

DL Moody

Moody Publishers

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Surviving in today’s fast-paced world seems almost impossible at times. You wake up each morning with your agenda racing through your mind–troubles at work, the needs of your family, the grass needs to be mowed, the car needs to be washed, you need groceries, then there’s dinner…and the daily list goes on! Where do you find the strength for it all?
D. L. Moody will help you start your mornings right with a blend of Scriptures and quotes from well-known Christian leaders.
When you mediate on God’s promises each morning, you will receive strength, guidance, and wisdom that will last throughout the day. Discover the peace of mind and the strength that come from devoting time each morning to God.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 9780883687185
  • 2001