Mortification of Sin

John Owen

Chapel Library

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Mortification of Sin is the classic work by John Owen that challenges every believer to apply biblical truth to purify themselves through mortification. To do so, the Christian must learn to recognize the activity and deception of indwelling sin. He must lean upon the Holy Spirit to accomplish the work of mortification. His whole life and comfort in Christ depends on his engaging in this work daily and continually. In two excellent chapters, Owen explains common misconceptions about mortification, and what it actually is. Mortification requires both faith and whole-hearted diligence. The believer is warned about his danger when he allows himself to entertain even small habitual sins. Then Owen challenges the reader to enter the fight at the first sign of sin, to lean upon Christ and the perfect work of the Holy Spirit. “You must be always killing sin, or it will be killing you!”

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  • 104 pages