Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever

Thor Ramsey

Cruciform Press

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It's become a modern question because of the traditional doctrine: How can God be both loving and wrathful? In The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever, Thor Ramsey (an author, pastor, and comedian...but don't let that fool you) tackles this question by probing deeper. Avoiding the caricatures of God as either a Frankenstein out to crush you or a Santa Claus ready to grant your every wish (as long as you've been really, really good), he asks, 'What changes about God if this traditional understanding of the doctrine of hell changes?' As it turns out, everything changes. If you think a God without hell is more loving, this book will surprise you. While many believe that by eliminating hell they're getting a new and improved God, this new thinking is more troubling than the old doctrine itself. The new doctrine of hell being sold today is only good news at the most superficial level, leaving us with a wrath-less God who tolerates evils that make even the average atheist cringe. What if hell itself is good news about God? What if hell highlights everything we find glorious about God? What if the loss of hell leaves the world with a smaller God? Discover why the church needs a new and different breed of hellfire-and-brimstone preacher in the pulpit today. If you can't imagine how the doctrine of hell could ever make you say, 'Praise God,' this book (often funny, but deadly serious) lays out the biblical vision.

  • Pages: 110
  • Type: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781936760824
  • Published: Jan. 2014