National Preacher

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This is a marvelous volume that contains some of the best sermons preached during a period of wide-spread revival in the young country of America. Rev. Austin Dickinson was burdened to gather sermons from able evangelical ministers "prepared in some of their happiest moments of thought and feeling, which, if concentrated in a Work of this kind, might reflect light on the desolate places, as well as the churches of our land." The response was truly extraordinary, and commencing in June 1826, these sermons sold into the hundreds of thousands and traveled to the ends of the earth. Less than ten years later the following testimony came from the Sandwich Islands: "The National Preacher deserves the confidence of the world. May this high commissioned messenger of Christ be received with thankfulness and joy by tens of millions of our race. May the Divine Author of all valuable gifts in the church copiously shed down the graces of his Spirit upon the contributors to this evangelical publication, that their writings may be worthy of the enlightened age in which we live, and such as hundreds of millions may be edified to read, when the pens of the writers are exchanged for harps of gold."