Nonsuch Professor - Wedding Ring

William Secker

Sprinkle Publications

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The format of the book is simple, answering to why Christians ought to do more than others – with the most important answer being twofold. First, because they are looked upon more than others. And second, because if they do no more than others, it will appear that they are no more than others. Following this are twenty descriptions of what things they ought to do as Christians. Seeker concludes with seven directions for the Christian to be enabled to do more than others, beginning with the duty of self-denial, and ending with dependence on the grace of Christ.

This is basically a book to read at leisure, allowing for time to meditate on such sweet morsels that flow out in sentence after sentence. Selecting examples was difficult, but consider just these choice few.

A Nonsuch professor is one without equal, and surely the man that expressed his soul in this book was one of that company that rises above a mere profession and evidences what the Bible means when it says, “the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Well does Secker write in his address to the reader that the design of this piece is edification. Indeed, it will be to all who, in prayerful dependence upon Him who alone nourishes His church, spend time in devotional reflection upon these pages.


269 pages