Of Plymouth Plantation

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Few people realize that America was founded because a devout band of non- conformist Christians lived and breathed the covenant promises of Jesus Christ. Though the Pilgrims left England because of religious persecution, they actually left Holland to protect their children from ungodly influences. These parents risked everything to protect their young. Bradford boldly proclaimed that these families were willing to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, "even though they [the Pilgrims] be but stepping stones" for future generations of Christians they would never meet. Of Plymouth Plantation is one of the five most inspirational books I have ever read. It is the true story of 50 "average" people who changed the world because they shared a multi- generational vision. For almost two decades, it has been a cherished family tradition to read this book aloud each Thanksgiving. My father, the family patriarch, gathers his many children and grandchildren around the table and reads for several hours the story of Bradford and the heroic Pilgrims. After all, how can we truly appreciate the significance of Thanksgiving if we do not know the real story? My personal library consists of thousands of volumes, but this is one of my most treasured. Your child should not be considered fully educated before reading Of Plymouth Plantation.