On Your Heart: A Three-Year Devotional for Families

A.J. Genco

Free Grace Press

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On Your Heart is a guide for family worship based on a three-year cycle. It provides both Scripture passages to read and discussions questions to ask for each of the nearly 1100 days in the cycle. At the end of three years, you and your family will have read through and discussed the entire Bible together. This is a solid, consistent help toward a valuable and satisfying goal. If the book were nothing more than this it would be worthy of your serious consideration.

But describing On Your Heart in this way alone is like reading the description of a stranger’s family tree. Without a knowledge of the people involved you can’t really appreciate what you’re seeing.

As you’ll read in more detail inside, A.J. Genco worked for ten years on this curriculum, developing and refining it as he used these pages to lead his wife and children in the daily worship of God together. After its completion, he was suddenly taken from them to heaven. But by leaving this book, he left them with much more than memories of his years of faithfulness as their family shepherd. He also left them a printed legacy they can continue to use to seek God together as a family, generation after generation.

And now you can enjoy this blessing with your own family by using On Your Heart.

 -Don Whitney

  • Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • August 21, 2021
  • 9781952599347