Oops! We forgot the Kids

Lewis & Roth

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Thousands of couples have read Doyle Roth's Oops! I Forgot My Wife. Now the subject is parenting. Once again, you'll think he's sneaking a peak at your family! Doyle's strategy is much the same: combine situations from his decades in family counseling into one engaging story, have the characters involved discuss effective parenting principles via email, add the "how tos" and season it all with humor and solid counsel from the Scriptures. Oops! We Forgot the Kids teaches achievable parenting skills to everyday dads and moms who want to be effective down in the trenches of parenting. Real life problems and questions, some old- fashioned horse sense and time-tested biblical insight combine to give parents hope and help. Filled with down-to-earth advice, good humor and biblical insights from decades of family intervention, is sure to bring you a deeper appreciation of your own family -- and some hints on making it even better. (Not perfect, just better.)