Opening Up 2 Samuel


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The book of 2 Samuel centers around the reign of Israel s greatest king, David. Beginning with the record of David s triumphs, it reaches a climax when God establishes His covenant with David in chapter 7. Tragically, when he is at the height of his powers, David commits his great sin with Bathsheba. The latter part of 2 Samuel is a record of the tragic consequences of David s failure. The greatest king Israel ever produced is not good enough. Only the Messiah, the Son of David, will be able to reign in righteousness forever. This commentary gives a brief explanation of the text and then shows how these events have direct and profound application to our lives today, having been recorded for our instruction (1 Cor. 10:11). It also reveals how every event points to the coming of Jesus Christ (Luke 24:27), the final and ultimate Leader of God s people.