Peace for the Troubled Heart: Reformed Spirituality

Herman Hoeksema

Reformed Free Publishing

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Books of genuinely Reformed spirituality are in short supply. Abraham Kuyper wrote some classics in the field. More recently, devotional writings by the Protestant Reformed minister Gerrit Vos have been published. But such works are rare. Bookstores are flooded today with the spirituality of superficial emotionalism, the spirituality of medieval mysticism, the spirituality of an unrealistic happy Christianity, and the spirituality of the approval and even subtle promotion of unbelieving doubt. But works breathing a Christian experience that is drawn from Scripture, formed and regulated by sound doctrine, and realistic in a world of sin, suffering, and struggle, are few and far between. Such a work is Herman Hoeksema's Peace for the Troubled Heart. Know for his penetrating exegesis of the Bible, his solidly Reformed dogmatics, and his uncompromising defense of the Reformed faith, in this book Hoeksema masterfully exercises the spiritual gift of devotional writing.

  • Hardcover
  • 294 pages
  • 2010
  • 9781936054053