Peacemaker Student Edition: Handling Conflict without Fighting Back or Running Away

Ken SandeKevin Johnson

Baker Books

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Sooner or later, conflict will come. But how you handle it makes all the difference.

You might be dealing with a bully at school, parents who just won't see things your way, a coach who has it in for you, or some other conflict; it's a part of life you can't escape. The good news is that God cares about your struggles and gives you powerful truths in his Word. Practice his way of handling issues and you can start turning frustrating conflicts into opportunities to grow closer to others and to him. You'll learn:

  • When to defend your rights
  • When to forgive
  • How to strike bargains
  • When you should (and shouldn't!) let it go
  • How to admit wrongs

In a world full of conflict, God wants to involve you in making peace. This book shows you how to approach conflict in any situation in a way that will change your relationships--and your life.

This edition of The Peacemaker includes questions for discussion and reflection and has been completely rewritten with young people in mind.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • 9780801045356
  • 2008