The People's Theologian: Writings in Honour of Donald Macleod

Malcolm MacLean

Christian Focus Publications

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Donald Macleod's guiding star has always been and remains 'What says the Scripture?' There is no tradition or practice that cannot be re-examined in the light of Scripture. He has constantly reminded us of the great Reformation principle - our authority is 'Scripture Alone'
What is most important is that, like his Master, people hear Donald Macleod gladly.
He makes little concession in his lecturing or preaching to ignorance of Biblical truth, and he makes no apology for theological language. Nevertheless, because he makes doctrine come alive, people are drawn in, people of all different backgrounds as they yield to the Spirit speaking through this man, feeling his eyes are seeing far-off things which he is helping them to glimpse. They are drawn into a new world of exciting vistas of undreamed-of theological truth, and are raised by high oratory to a new level of understanding of their God and Saviour. Truly he is the people's theologian.
Contributions by: Martin Cameron, Iain D Campbell, Mary Ferguson, Richard B Gaffin Jr, David George, Michael W Honeycutt, Fergus MacDonald, Alex J MacDonald, Donald M MacDonald, Malcolm Maclean, Alasdair I Macleod, Donna Macleod, John Macleod, David Meredith, Guy Richard, Changwon Shu, Derek W H Thomas, Carl R Trueman, Rowland S Ward and Brian Wilson.