Person and Work of Christ Revised and Enhanced

B. B. Warfield

P & R Publishing

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Princeton theologian B. B. Warfield was a watchman on the wall of orthodoxy. His temperament, training, and talent—together with his deep love for Christ and amazing breadth of knowledge—shaped him into the twentieth century’s greatest defender of the faith. His writings have been studied with profit for well over a hundred years—a tribute to his clear, careful, cogent, gospel-centered exposition of orthodox Christianity, which he called “the redemptive religion” and which he fearlessly defended.

In The Person and Work of Christ, Warfield demonstrates that "it is no more possible to have a Christianity without an atoning Christ than it is to have a Christianity without a divine Christ." Warfield's incisive scholarship shines in this new and enhanced edition, which has been edited, formatted, and retypeset for modern readers. Its carefully prepared aids include comprehensive abstracts at the beginning of each chapter, intelligent headings, smart paragraph breaks, explanatory notes, definitions of obscure terms, discussion questions, recommended reading, complete footnotes and bibliographies, and more.


752 pages

May 2023