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This book on Philippians is different. It is a thorough devotional and discipleship commentary, written by a prison evangelist, who was a pastor, criminal lawyer and advocate. Although not a theological text book it is Bible-based and mentally stimulating. It illustrates and applies the principles met. It quotes widely from books which themselves motivate discipleship and devotion to Christ, illuminating the book's Biblical truths. Although written for Christians this book also presents the gospel clearly and compellingly and in context. - Part One gives a general panoramic overview. - Part Two sketches briefly the characters encountered in the Philippian church. - Part Three is the main section. In it each verse is carefully examined, but to give ongoing continuity and context, mini-overviews helpfully punctuate the text. - Part Four poses two questions on each verse. This is invaluable for personal study, group discussions, church or fellowship Bible studies, or one-on-one discipleship training.