Philippians Lectio Continua

David Strain

Reformation Heritage Books

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  • To know that we are not alone, to come to depend on one another, and to work together for the good of the lost and the glory of God—these are vital needs of the church in every age, but perhaps especially today. The letter of Paul to the Philippians, written amid suffering, yet ringing with joy, calls for precisely this kind of Christian unity. In this expository commentary, David T. A. Strain develops the apostle’s theme that the life of a Christian is incomplete and immeasurably weakened when lived apart from the fellowship of the whole church. Strain not only provides a faithful explanation of the epistle to the Philippians but also shows the contemporary relevance and urgency of its message. 
  • Hardcover
  • 176 Pages
  • 9781601787422     
  • Mar 2020