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JOHN BUNYAN [1628-1888] was C. H. Spurgeon's favorite author and his legendary work, THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, is the most popular book ever written apart from Holy Scripture. Spurgeon loved reading and re-reading this work, claiming to have read it over 100 times, many times with his wife reading it to him in afternoon relaxation and meditation. He often quoted Bunyan in his sermons declaring, "Though his writings are charmingly full of poetry, yet he cannot give us his Pilgrim's Progress, that sweetest of all prose poems, without continually making us feel and say, 'Why, this man is a living Bible!' Prick him anywhere, his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak without quoting a text, for his very soul is FULL of the Word of God." This new edition is special because it contains the editing work of George Offor, who respected Bunyan so much that he always labored with all his might to be sure that Bunyan was permitted to explain Bunyan. This new edition has the marginal notes so appreciated down the years. These notes were drawn from Bunyan's other writings where he himself explains the meaning of many of the incidents and images scattered throughout Pilgrim's Progress.
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