Pilgrim's Progress Part 3

John Bunyan

Old Paths

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There exists serious objections as to the authenticity of this little known section containing the alleged final dreams of John Bunyan. Nevertheless, "Part Three" of the Dreamer's beloved story can be found in numerous older editions of Pilgrim's Progress. As a successor to Part One concerning Christian and Part Two concerning his wife Christiana, this concluding "Part" is of an 1839 edition from Boston. Amongst the characters of Good-will, Tender-conscience, Elder and Younger-Matron, and Good-resolution, some familiar as well as new personalities will present themselves for the progress of the Pilgrim's journey. If you treasure the allegories of Bunyan, you will discover the wealth of "Part Three" despite the uncertainty of authorship.
  • Paperback
  • 86 pages
  • 2000