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In 1956, Valerie’s young missionary father, Jim Elliot, and four of his friends make contact with members of a primitive Ecuadorian tribe. What happens next shocks the world! Three years later . . . Valerie is just a toddler when her mother, Elisabeth Elliot, receives a surprising invitation. As she teaches the Waorani about God’s “carvings,” they encounter the greatest gift of all.

Pilipinto is an amazing story of courage and redemption—but it is also the simple story of a young American girl as she grows up alongside the indigenous peoples of the 1950s Amazon jungle. The jungle, despite its dangers, becomes a delightful playground where Valerie learns to trust God’s hand and respect all His gifts. 

Beautifully illustrated in watercolor and featuring vintage photographs and never before published pages from Elisabeth Elliot’s diary, Pilipinto is a child-appropriate introduction to several notable Christian heroes and heroines of the twentieth century—powerful models of faith who take selfless action for the kingdom of God.


64 pages

Aug. 2023