Plain and Simple Thoughts: For Children and Parents

William S Plumer


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Originally presented as a series of children's sermons, these instructions are as valuable to the parent as they are to the child.

My Young Friends: I was once as small as you are. I had fears, and hopes, and sins, and sorrows, just as you have. I do not forget how I then felt. I love children still. I never saw most of you who will read this book. But I hope you will read it. It is not long, and it is not hard. I use short and plain texts and easy words. If you will heed what i tell you, it will do you good all your life. I do not know that I shall live long, and I send you these sermons now, for fear, if I put it off, I may be sick or die. I wish you to know what I think about you, and about God, and about Christ. I shall be dead and gone before some of you will read this book; but I shall meet you all by and by. We shall see each other at the last great day. I pray that you and I may be ready, when the Lord shall come. May God bless you every one. ~ William S. Plumer

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