Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition: The IVP Pocket Reference Series

Kelly M. KapicWesley Vander Lugt

InterVarsity Press

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Beginning to study Reformed theology is like stepping into a family conversation that has been going on for five hundred years. How do you find your bearings and figure out how to take part in this conversation without embarrassing yourself? The Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition takes on this rich, boisterous and varied tradition in its broad contours, filling you in on its common affirmations as well as its family tensions. Here you will find succinct and reliable entries on Latin terms, such as ad fontes and sola fide Theologians, from Calvin to Torrance Confessions, such as the Belgic and Westminster Doctrines, such as atonement and sanctification Apologists, such as Francis Schaeffer and Cornelius Van Til And much more. The Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition is ready to assist you over the rough parts of readings, lectures, conversations and blogs. It will also be a companionable and concise introduction to one of the great Christian traditions.