Portraits of a Pastor: The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader

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As a pastor, do you feel like you're wearing too many hats? If you're a pastor, you know the tension of balancing (or trying to) the many roles and expectations that come with leading a church. But are you able to distinguish which roles are truly essential? And can you measure how you're fulfilling them? Portraits of a Pastor features contributions from evangelical leaders like Jason Allen, Jared Wilson, Daniel Akin, and Owen Strachan on the essential roles and aspects of pastoral ministry. Together the book answers three important questions: What does it mean for the pastor to hold all nine roles? Why should the pastor fulfill these roles? How can the pastor most faithfully fulfill them? A pastor must be a preacher, shepherd, missionary, evangelist, church historian, theologian, man of God, leader of his household, and leader of othersa tall order! After reading Portraits of a Pastor, you'll: Have a clearer vision of the roles you should fulfill in the life of your congregation Be inspired to fulfill your calling by growing in new areas of leadership Know the unbiblical visions of pastoral leadership that may distract you from your core calling It's true: much is demanded of pastors. But it's also true that too much is demanded of most pastors. Know what God has called you to, how to fulfill that calling, and what may be distracting you from it.